Airdrop completed. Tokens will be automatically sent. Upon reaching GWEI below 100.📉

🗒 List of the first 200 wallets to which 5PHY will be credited. (🚀🚀🚀

We will need more time to complete Airdrop transactions. Be patient.
Thank you.

April ended very quickly. We are following our roadmap. We have updated the main site and created a separate site for the Airdrop. New sites are fully adapted for all gadget resolutions.
We are pleased to inform you that an Airdrop will take place soon.
We will be distributing 1000 PHY. You can get 5 PHYs for one wallet address.

To receive 5PHY, you need to connect your wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc.) and press the “Take 5 PHY” button. PHY tokens will be credited to your wallet within 48 hours after the end of the Airdrop. Wallets that already have PHY tokens will not be able to participate in the airdrop.

Airdrop site:
Start: 09 May 2021 15:00 UTC
End: Until 1000 PHYs are distributed.

Main site:
Help Center:

A busy work week has passed. We have made good progress. Today we have updated the sites:

We had to make changes to the project tokenomics and whitepaper. We suggest looking at the changed documents:

Whitepaper v.1.0.9 (16 Apr. 2021)

Tokenomics v2 (16 Apr.2021)

We continue to work on creating staking and Yield farms contracts. Preparing the platform for the Airdrop:

We decided to publish information about the project on Bitcointalk. Join the discussion:

We have a lot of hard work ahead of us. Be patient. Everything that we have planned will be done. Value is born on our project. Follow us and stay up to date with the latest news.

At the end of the pre-sale, the Physalis team decided to make changes to the project’s tokenomics. 1.14% of 100% of the tokens put up for presale sold.

For initial investors, we offer 2 options:
1. Refund ETH;
2. Increase in the number of purchased PHY tokens by 10 times;
If you decide to return the attachment, you must inform @GonuMakkon within 48 hours. In the message, indicate the address of the wallet from which the contribution is made.
In the absence of your request for a refund of ETH, we will automatically add additional PHY tokens to your wallet.

Our team made the decision to publish the entire list of questions and ideas with our answers. Below is a list (*) of the winners.

Q*: What’s your long term goals?

A: We plan to implement projects and expand our team. We will come up with new products using Physalis. Our team will attract partnerships. Goal: to create useful products for the community and make a valuable utility token out of Physalis.

Q: I can’t find the Team’s page on your website. I guess, that’s a must to get people onboard.

A: At the moment, our team works anonymously —…

Voting for the meme contest ended 50/50.
We chose the winners ourselves.
We have 4 works that we liked the most.

Here are our winners:





You all tried very hard. Thank you very much. You are all great.
Follow us and participate in our other contests.
Our partner and organizer of the competition, @CRYPTOVENTURES4, will contact you to present the awards.

In anticipation of the pre-sale, we organized a test presale on the Rinkeby network.
Get a test ether: and give it a try.
Previously, we tested contracts and interface many times. Join and experience.
If you find errors, please let us know.

P.S. TrustWallet is not supported in the test.

There is little time left before the pre-sale. In honor of this event, our team is holding a competition with a prize pool of $300 (3 awards $100).

It is necessary to fulfill the conditions:

  1. Be subscribed to one of the telegrams: or
  2. Retweet ( this tweet to at least 3 friends.
  3. Fill out an application ( for participation and ask a question about our products, or suggest an idea for Physalis.

We will select winners with the best questions and ideas. Our team checks the conditions and announces the results on April 7, 2021 at 08:00 UTC…

1. You must have enough ETH in your wallet to buy PHY.
2. The transaction can be made on the website from 03 April 08:28 UTC. Remember to clear your browser cache before making a deal. To complete a transaction through the site, you need and through the mobile version
3. You can make a transaction through a wallet convenient for you, for this specify the address of the recipient of the ETH contract: 0x138c862A000F8192d4491876A75ebC03aa9d50C3 and set the fuel limit at least 500,000.
4. If you don’t have time to buy PHY on a pre-sale basis, don’t despair. Upon completion of the pre-sale, we will list the tokens on DEX and block liquidity forever. The price will be higher than the pre-sale price. But it is still very attractive for investment.




DeFi platform: yield farms, NFT marketplace, analyzer.

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