DeWin or receive an item from the #Chemical lab collection

We are ready to distribute 10 items from the #Chemical lab collection in the competition.
Conditions to be met:
1. Be subscribed to TG:
2. Follow us on Twitter:
3. Retweet the news to at least 3 friends
4. Fill out the application form for participation in the competition
Each participant will be assigned a number. The draw of 6 NFT (# 42, # 62, # 65, # 66, # 68, # 72) will be randomly distributed using the Google number generator.

If you have over 5000 subscribers:
1 NFT out of 4 (# 73, # 93, # 30, # 40) we will give one to everyone who retweets our news on their page. The tweet must be posted for at least 7 days. Only the first 4 participants will receive NFT.
To apply for an NFT token, write a message to DM TG @GonuMakkon with a link to the tweet you posted.

The results of the competition will be held on September 15, 2021.



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