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1 min readAug 28, 2021

We have slightly adjusted the development plans and are informing you about it.
Physalis tokens are not yet traded on exchanges. We need to raise money to create initial liquidity. The staking contract and the yield farms contract are ready and undergoing testing.
From August 2021 we are starting the release of NFT collections. Our first #Chemical lab collection consists of 118 non-interchangeable unique elements. We are working on creating new collections.

NFT tokens can be bought on the platform. Most of the funds will be used to develop the Physalis ecosystem and create initial liquidity for PHY tokens.
The initial price of NFT tokens is very attractive for investment. Over time, their value will rise. Hurry up to choose and buy your item from the collection!
More information about the initial cost of NFT tokens, rarity and their distribution can be found in the Docs.
Part of the elements of the #Chemical lab collection will be distributed in the competition. Next week we will be preparing a competition in which you can win an NFT from the #Chemical lab collection. We will publish information about the drawing in a separate announcement.




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