Results of the competition of questions and ideas

4 min readApr 7, 2021

Our team made the decision to publish the entire list of questions and ideas with our answers. Below is a list (*) of the winners.

Q*: What’s your long term goals?

A: We plan to implement projects and expand our team. We will come up with new products using Physalis. Our team will attract partnerships. Goal: to create useful products for the community and make a valuable utility token out of Physalis.

Q: I can’t find the Team’s page on your website. I guess, that’s a must to get people onboard.

A: At the moment, our team works anonymously — just like the blockchain works.

Q: Will there be staking in the platform?

A: Most likely there will be a pool for bets. Depends on the results of the presale. It is possible that some of the unsold coins will be sent to the staking contract for harvest.

Q: …Also, maybe do a meme and/or sticker contest, giving prizes to best entries having to do with your project or have a contest where people guess what the price is at launch & whoever comes closest gets a prize. You’re project seems great. Best wishes. Thank you for the chance

A: Thanks for the suggestion.

Q: Will the future Physalis ecosystem develop separate chains? I want Physalis to be the most scalable and private chain

A: No.

Q*: 1. Are you blockchain-powered?

2. Do you have solid real business plans about Physalis and how do you address the problems?

3. Had you specify your liquidity and ICO rules?*

Here are my ideas too that I want to share:

A. Wouldn’t it be great if there were any pdf or infos about your team? We want to know them well and we would love to interact with them too.

B. I love your Physalis logo/branding but I think it could be further improved.

C. I think it’s great to expand and aware people of Physalis. I think it’s great that you promote it through well known crypto enthusiast or anything that could further let you known to us audience.

A: 1. The implementation of Physalis uses the Ethereum blockchain. (token standard ERC20)

2. We have very serious plans. There is only one problem today: weak and expensive marketers.

3. The rules are indicated in part. There is a pre-sale time frame. The minimum and maximum number of tokens that can be purchased are indicated. Initial liquidity will be locked forever. Liquidity calculation will be made after the pre-sale.

Q: How can we make sure that our funds will be safe in your platform? No offense meant because I know you are all aware of rugpull projects too.

A: Rugpull no. Liquidity is subject to blocking.

Q: What is the difference of Physalis to other tokens? How can you convince us traders to buy your token?

A: PHY differs from other tokens in its crop distribution strategy for liquidity providers in pools and in its utilitarian qualities. We will not convince you of this. DYOR.

Q: Sir, try to register your product with Ico marketing which has a lot of followers so that more people know more, your project is good, sir, but currently there are few followers while the launch will soon I hope your project is a perfect success

A: We are working on marketing. We need community support.

Q: I would like to suggest for Physalis.Finance team to promote an AMA with successful hosts in Telegram channel to enable a wider group of investors be aware about this gem project. By collaborating with popular crypto influencers in Twitter with huge following $PHY token would also be able to harness awareness from crypto enthusiasts in the process. Lastly, make the Physalis.Finance website user friendly and engaging, where roadmaps, tokenomics and future offering are clearly convey and would be easy for everyone to understand. Thank you and I wish everyone from the dev team the best. To your success!

A: Thanks for the recommendations.

Q: What possible ideas do you have to make people go for this project? Its better if you have admins oin every country, like start from 5 countries like philippines, india, america, japan, france somewhat like that, so you can spread some knowledge about that launching token

A: The desire to participate should be formed individually for each person. We are thinking about organizing regional offices.

Q: How will the Physalis Finance team encourage would be investors to your gem $PHY project?

A: Initial investors and early retail buyers will be able to get more harvest in the first era of farms.

Q: Can we integrate Trust wallet on your platform too?

A: TrustWallet works with our platform. We do not have a listing in daaps, we will do that later.

Q: What do you think it’s going to take for the market to get over the wall street hump?

A: This will require overcoming market manipulators)

Q*: What will happen to the unsold tokens? What are your plans if the presale fails? Why are you running a presale?

A: Presale is needed to replenish liquidity pools, audit, marketing and cover the start-up costs of the team.

We are ready to work with any fees. With small fees, we will need more time to implement and promote the project. We have options for what to do next in case of a small rais:

1. Return ETH to original investors;

2. create liquidity in the pool in proportion to the amount collected;

3. send unsold tokens to the stake pool and organize an airdrop;

4. Decrease in PHY price. Distribution of additional PHY tokens to initial investors. Creation of a pool with a cheap PHY token;

5. 2nd round of pre-sale with marketing.

(*) List of winners (TG):




Congratulations to our winners! We will send ETH in an amount equivalent to $100 to your wallets. We will make payments within 24 hours.

Thank you all for your participation!