How to buy Physalis

1. You must have enough ETH in your wallet to buy PHY.
2. The transaction can be made on the website from 03 April 08:28 UTC. Remember to clear your browser cache before making a deal. To complete a transaction through the site, you need and through the mobile version
3. You can make a transaction through a wallet convenient for you, for this specify the address of the recipient of the ETH contract: 0x138c862A000F8192d4491876A75ebC03aa9d50C3 and set the fuel limit at least 500,000.
4. If you don’t have time to buy PHY on a pre-sale basis, don’t despair. Upon completion of the pre-sale, we will list the tokens on DEX and block liquidity forever. The price will be higher than the pre-sale price. But it is still very attractive for investment.