Giveaway : 3 awards of 100$

There is little time left before the pre-sale. In honor of this event, our team is holding a competition with a prize pool of $300 (3 awards $100).

It is necessary to fulfill the conditions:

  1. Be subscribed to one of the telegrams: or
  2. Retweet ( this tweet to at least 3 friends.
  3. Fill out an application ( for participation and ask a question about our products, or suggest an idea for Physalis.

We will select winners with the best questions and ideas. Our team checks the conditions and announces the results on April 7, 2021 at 08:00 UTC. A $ 100 prize will be sent to your wallet in the equivalent of ETH.

Every month we will come up with new contests and tasks for you. Follow us. Take part and win valuable cash gifts!

Together with you, we will make Physalis the perfect product!




DeFi platform: yield farms, NFT marketplace, analyzer.

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DeFi platform: yield farms, NFT marketplace, analyzer.

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