Announcement: decisions and plans

At the end of the pre-sale, the Physalis team decided to make changes to the project’s tokenomics. 1.14% of 100% of the tokens put up for presale sold.

For initial investors, we offer 2 options:
1. Refund ETH;
2. Increase in the number of purchased PHY tokens by 10 times;
If you decide to return the attachment, you must inform @GonuMakkon within 48 hours. In the message, indicate the address of the wallet from which the contribution is made.
In the absence of your request for a refund of ETH, we will automatically add additional PHY tokens to your wallet.

Plans for the next 3 weeks:
1. Making changes to the project tokenomics;
2. airdrop;
3. pool of staking PHY;
4. IDO from partners;
5. at the end of the IDO, we will recalculate the liquidity in Uniswap to start trading;
6. listing on one of the CEX.

We continue our work on the project.
We will create a valuable and utilitarian Physalis. Even if it takes a longer than we planned.
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DeFi platform: yield farms, NFT marketplace, analyzer.

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DeFi platform: yield farms, NFT marketplace, analyzer.

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